2016 China Food & Drinks Fair
        Chengdu TangJiuHui

Dates: March 24-26, 2016
Place: Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Chengdu, the economy,finance and culture hub of West China

Interwine China 2016

Dates: May 20-22, 2016
Place: Guangzhou, China


The Business Hub of South China
2016 Topwine China

Dates: June 15-17, 2016
Place: Beijing National Conference Center
Beijing, China National Capital,
Business Hub of North China

2016 Guizhou Wine Fair

Dates: Sep. 9-12, 2016
Place: Guiyang City,Guizhou Province
Guiyang, the capital city of
Guizhou Province in South-west of

Contact Us:
Ms.Erica Chang
Mob: +86 186 2027 0399
QQ: 76760536 (Wechat ID)
Email: erica.zh@fairhuatse.com

Fair Huatse

specialises in organising exhibitions and corporate events
for food, wine, spirits and beverage industries and interest groups.

With an in-depth understanding of the cultures and local business practices in the greater China region, Fair Huatse aims to be a respected professional exhibition and event organizer. Our philosophy is to constantly deliver events that value-add to the competitiveness and financial well-being of our partners and clients.

To date, Fair Huatse has organised and co-organized National
Top 5 food and wine trade shows. Fairhuatse's success with various partners is a testimony of its ability to identify opportunities and maximise the rewards for win-win partnerships. Moving forward, Fair Huatse is committed to support fellow industry players through its business networks and associated partners in Greater China Area.

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