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In the western minds, China is considered as a huge market plenty of opportunities and possibilities for all kind of products and thus most American and European companies turn their eyes to this potential market as a way to grow and mainly when their natural markets are quite saturated and new markets are to be found. But most of the times approach to the Chinese market is made with a combination of hope and fears when considering that they tackle quite a different person and business attitude to the one they know. This produces taking some not too good choices and losing real good business opportunities.

HUATSE is a young company founded by a group of highly experienced partners and staff from China and abroad who are perfectly aware of both possibilities and distrust as they have experienced these situations at both edges in quite a number of occasions. Thus they decided offering their experience to switch distrust to confidence for those companies knocking at Chinese market.

HUATSE offers a wide range of services, from trade shows, conferences to corporate events and advertisement agency, always based on a tailor-made proposal to be certain of using the efforts and resources in the most efficient way to confirm with success that decision of being present at the Chinese market proved to be the correct strategic decision.With an in-depth understanding of the cultures and local business practices in the greater China region, HUATSE aims to be a respected professional exhibition and event organizer, our philosophy is to constantly deliver events that value-add to the competitiveness and financial well-being of our partners and clients.

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