When an exhibition event becomes a symbol promotional expression of an economic sector, this mean that it has worked well and presents a serious and effective project held in high regard on the market. It means that it has offered a lot of opportunities to development. It means that it interprets in the best possible way the needs of its exhibitors and visitors.

Interfood China, which will celebrate its 5th edition, is a professional trade-fair specializing in food in Canton, which city is close to Hongkong and Macau. The trade show mostly constitutes a prestigious showcase for foodstuff, trade, relative products and services from abroad, responding to the need of professionals in the field for a trade-fair with strong international appeal and a strict Business to Business formula. 

This, for exporters and importers, is an appointment not to be missed, and opportunity to pool experiences and strengthen relations between producers and distributors, communicating trends and news relating to products and suppliers.

Interfood China is exclusively open to professionals envolved in foodstuff and related business.

Targeted Visitors are as below: 

Foodstuff Importers
Foodstuff Distributors
Foodstuff Franchise Store
Foodstuff Importers
Foodstuff Wholesalers
Foodstuff Franchised Store
Foodstuff Technician
Food Professionals
Government Purchasers
Catering Business

Register right now and we will mail you 10 copies of official invitation 2-3 weeks prior to the exhibition.


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